Well fuck you too, World

28, bitter, and unemployed...

But I do what I want. :)

Housemate: (contemplatively) “I like boobs.”

Me: “…what?”

Housemate: “I like boobs.”

Me: “…oh, OK.  That is what you said.  Glad we cleared that up.”

An episode of “Neighbours” came on the TV right after I watched “Fargo”.  I’ve not seen it in years, but immediately remembered EVERYONE’s name, that I adored the Kennedys, that Paul Robinson’s an ass, and that I hated that whoring bitch Izzy with a passion.

And then Susan Kennedy appeared and I cried.  I freaking LOVED Susan Kennedy.

The guy may be an all-round cold, calculated psycho, but it seems I have developed a bizarre protective streak where it comes to Lorne Malvo.

I first realised this when the guys from the syndicate in Fargo were shooting at him and I yelled “DON’T YOU DARE HURT HIM YOU NORTH DAKOTAN SONS OF BITCHES”

Is anyone here interested in a copy of the Fear Itself: Iron Man comic with the variant cover?  I somehow got one at some point in the past few years, and it doesn’t really fit into my collection anywhere (I collect Winter Soldier, Bitter March, and appearances of the Winter Soldier in other Marvel comics, and those alone fill four zipper boxfiles already) so I’m looking to get rid before I move to New York.

PM me if you’re interested.

According to an ad on RTE, “the youth of Ireland are a clever bunch.”

I am doubtful of this.  For one thing, right now I can see two of the youth of Ireland trying to hump a tree outside my house.

Stages of choosing a personal adviser for my masters degree:

1. Look at faculty website.

2. Carefully consider subspecialties, areas of interest, past and current research, and shared areas of expertise.

3. Give up and choose the hot musician activist guy.

(Suffice to say I will not be reprising my Oxford habit of going to advisor meetings in my Batman pyjama pants.)

Me: “So, the Higgs Boson is out in the town and decides to visit the local Catholic church.  He goes in, but as soon as he sits down the priest hurries over and says ‘no, you can’t stay.  You call yourself the God Particle, but there is only one God.  You’re not welcome here, you have to leave.’  So the Higgs Boson says ‘but without me, how can there be Mass?’”

Housemate: “…we need to find you some more friends.  Physics friends.”

I don’t think she likes my jokes, Tumblr.

I’d just like to apologise for not updating as often as I usually do.  I’m getting a little harassment and hate mail, so I’m trying to avoid giving them anything else to seize upon and use against me.

I know that sounds like a little bit of a cop-out on my part, but I have a lot of other stuff to worry about at the moment and being nervous to open my messages tab or see what comments the little freaks have added to posts is not something I need to deal with for the moment.

Sorry to all the nice, normal people who enjoy my blog and look forward to updates, but give me a few days and I should be back to normal.

(Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my messages while envisioning the Winter Soldier wearing the little asswipes’ lungs as earrings and turning their liver into a fun man-purse.)

Ever since I found out that it’s canon that Bucky can punch through a person’s chest with that metal arm and yank out their innards, it’s become my go-to fantasy when someone is being rude or unkind to me.

What can I say, it’s much easier to smile and nod understandingly to a person’s unreasonable rantings when in your mind the Winter Soldier is wearing their diaphragm as a hat and fashioning avant garde jewellery from their internal organs.